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Offer of Services and Cooperation

The services and cooperation we offer can be divided into the following categories:

Research and Development – offer of cooperation to research organizations, offer of contractual research and expert activities to commercial customers, government and public administration organizations, and private individuals

Professional Services – offer of services to commercial customers, government and public administrations and private individuals provided under contracts and orders

Other Services – offer of services to professional and non-professional public


Since its inception in 1919, the Institute has been active in the fields of water management. Since then, it has been engaged in acquisition of the latest knowledge, development of modern technologies and their application in practice.

We are experts in hydrology, surface water hydraulics, hydrogeology, hydroecology, hydrobiology, hydrochemistry, water microbiology, radioecology, water supply and waste water treatment, aquatic organisms ecology, water ecosystems protection, waste management and other disciplines related to water management and the environment.

Our team consists of experienced experts with extensive experiences in academic activities, public administration, management of waterways and river basins, as well as novice employees with innovative ideas and approaches.

We dispose of our own top-grade measuring equipment, analytical laboratories, hydraulic laboratories, testing laboratory of water management installations, and calibration station of current meters.