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Further publications are issued outside these editions. They provide information about the results of important research projects. In the last few years, some publications were made available in English:

  • Blažková, Š., et al.: Hydroecological study of the Jizera River catchment and the Jizera Mountains (2005)
  • Kašpárek, L., Novický, O. (eds): Climate change and water regime in the Czech Republic (2006)
  • Blažková, Š. (ed.): Project Elbe IV: 2003–2006 (2006)
  • Kašpárek, L., et al. (eds): Influence of large reservoirs in the Elbe River basin on reduction of flood flows (2006)
  • Kašpárek, L., Procházková, J., et al.: Water resources of the Intra-Sudeten Basin (2006)
  • Kašpárek, L., et al. (eds): 2006 Spring flood in the CR (2006)
  • Matoušek, V. and Blažková, Š. (eds): T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute collection of papers 2006 (2006)
  • Bílý, M. (ed.): Effects of environmental factors of the freshwater pearl mussel population in the National nature monument Lužní potok (Zinnbach) (2008)
  • Rudiš, M., Valenta, P., and Nol, O.: Effect of polluted sediments settled in flood plains on environmental and ground water (2008)
  • T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute´s research activities in the Odra River basin (2010)
  • Blažková, Š. (ed.): Floods, droughts and prediction uncertainties (2011)
  • Martínková, M., et al.: Simulation games on flood operational management: a tool for the integrated strategy of flood control (2012)