Skrýt nabídku

Organizational Structure

Director   Council of TGM WRI, p.r.i.
  Supervisory Board of TGM WRI, p.r.i.
    Advisory Bodies
    Scientific Board of TGM WRI, p.r.i.
    Editorial Bodies of TGM WRI, p.r.i.
    Committees Established by the Director
  100Section of the Director
    101 Department of PR, Editorial office and Library
    102 Department Organizational, Legal and of HR
  200Section of the Deputy Director for Research and Professional Activities
    210Branch of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Hydrogeology
    211 Department of Hydrology
    212 Department of Hydraulics
    213 Department of Hydrogeology
    214 Czech Calibration Station of Current Meters (CCSCM)
    220Branch of Analyses and Assessment of Environment Components
    221 Department of Hydrochemistry
    222 Department of Water Microbiology and Hydrobiology
    224 Department of Radioecology
    230Branch of Water Protection and Informatics
    231 Department of Summary Water Management Information and Water Quality Protection
    233 Department of GIS and Cartography
    234 Department of WRI HEIS
    240Branch of Water Technology and Wastes
    241 Testing Laboratory of Water Management Installations
    242 Department of Basic Chemical Analysis
    243 Department of Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment
    244 Centre for Waste Management
    250Brno Branch
    251 Department of Water Management
    252 Department of Water Quality Protection
    253 Department of Hydrochemistry
    254 Department of Hydrobiology
    255 Department of Informatics and Operation
    260Ostrava Branch
    261 Department of Water and Waste Management
    262 Department of Water Quality Protection
    263 Department of Hydrochemistry
    264 Department of Hydrobiology
    265 Department of Informatics and Operation
    270Branch of Applied Ecology
    271 Department of Aquatic Organisms Ecology
    272 Department of Aquatic Ecosystems Protection
    273 Department of Special Hydrobiology and Ecology
    290Branch of Knowledge Transfer and Project Management
    291 Department of Project Preparation and Management
    292 Department of Development and Knowledge Transfer into Praxis
  300Centre for Assessing Proficiency of Laboratories (ASLAB)
  400Section of the Deputy Director for Economic and Operationally Technical Activities
    410Branch of Economy
    412 Department of Financial Accounting
    413 Department of Payroll Accounting
    420Investment and Operating Branch
    421 Department of Investments
    422 Department of Supply and Property Registration
    424 Operations Department
    433 ICT Department